what inspires you?

I look all around, constantly, to find anything that inspires me to create.

sometimes i create with my hands. felt earrings. headbands. and up-coming pillow project.

but most often i create right on the screen.

the past few days i’ve really gotten into the olympics. there are so many inspiring stories; inspiring moments.

while watching on sunday i multitasked and sat at my computer. i instantly saw what i was about to create.

a cute little save the date full of american pride 🙂 now for sale in our shop for a mere $1.75 each (envelope included)

Go to: evapaul.etsy.com


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twigs and honey

we’re excited to see our business grow. for the past 2.5 years we’ve gotten clients exclusively from them browsing etsy or being referred to us. But, now that I have more time on my hands, we wanted to see where we could really take evapaul and have started advertising! Just on one blog as of right now- but more to come in the coming weeks.

i’ve been a long-time love of all things TWIGS AND HONEY.

she is a fabulous entrepreneur who creates headpieces for any special occasion. I really wish I would have worn one at my wedding. they are so stunning.

she has a website, etsy shop and blog.

you’ll see our ad on her blog (along with our friends  @ rebecca hansen photograph- YAY!)

Myra is truly a gem. such a genuine and sweet person- which is dare i say hard to find in the wedding industry. it’s pretty competitive 🙂

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love’s first year

Obviously, we think your wedding invitation choice is one of your more important wedding decisions. Think about it, for guests who aren’t able to join you on your wedding day, this is in THE ONLY thing they will ever see from your wedding. Don’t you want it to be awesome?

Likewise, photography is just as important. Choosing a photographer you love means that you’ll have pictures that you adore forever. So, don’t skimp. If anything… splurge.  your photographer will be the way you remember all the great details you work so hard to make perfect on your wedding day.

So who do we love?

Well, I’m happy you asked.

Justin Hackworth, for one.

Justin is a Provo, UT based photographer who shoots weddings and portraits all over the world. Nic and I went to a seminar he spoke at and one thing is for sure- he LOVES love and LOVES photography. A perfect combination for a wedding photographer. Among his many projects- he photographs the recovery of NieNie every week. [look here] His images are powerful and beautiful.

The amazing thing? He is willing to photograph you too!

Justin is starting a new project too, just this week in fact.

to quote from his blog:

It’s called Love’s First Year, my latest photography project. I love to photograph weddings. I love recording authentic moments as they unfold. What I really love about this, and the thing that compels me to be a photographer, is the chance to record history. Record life. This project is about making those kinds of images I love, and creating a record of your happy beginning.

For the next 10 brides who choose Justin Hackworth Photography, I will photograph you and your spouse five times over the course of your first year. Think about the moments that will mark your first year of marriage–time at home, time with friends, out on the town–and imagine having stunning images of those events. At the end of your blissful first year, you’ll receive a fine art book with images from your five sessions. I dare say it may become a family treasure.

And the news keeps getting better. If you’re one of the next ten brides, not only will you have professional photos that document your life together, but Love’s First Year is included in your wedding package.

Isn’t that incredible? 5 portrait sessions with an amazing photographer… I’m positive that this book would be one of your greatest treasures.

The kind of thing you grab when your house catches on fire. for sure.

Visit: JUSTIN HACKWORTH for all the details

[all photos are property of Justin Hackworth Photography- he’s so generous]

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our newest save the date

a little newborn, only a couple of days old.

she still has that really good smell.

it was our friend’s anniversary this weekend-

so here’s to you- Rebecca and Chad! Happy 1st year of marriage… many many many more to come.

announce your wedding with this simple & sweet save the date.

(only $1.75 each or $1.50 each if purchased with your invites go to evapaul to purchase!

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a little bit of welcome

hello! thanks for visiting. we’re happy to have you. if you knew us in real life you’d know we LOVE to host… so even here, we’re glad you stopped by.

evapaul design is what we do.. it’s what we love. we hope you’ll love it too.

our hope is to make wedding invitations that are perfect for you- because, let’s be real-  if ANY day in your life deserves to be perfect, make it your wedding.

nic and i were engaged for 5.5 weeks. not long… but we just couldn’t wait to be married.

looking back, there are about a billion things i would like to do differently. i would like to have worn the pill-box hat with the itty-bitty netting i bought but didn’t wear. i would have loved to have gotten some really crazy, creative pictures of us that capture who we are and our love for each other. i would have worn different shoes. printed our invites on different paper. Oh, about a billion things.

But, the most important thing, who I married, I would never want to change. Your spouse should compliment you- you should fit together like a puzzle. And that we do.

I hope you’ve found who completes you, and if so, we’d love to tell everyone about it.


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